Set on the Lazarus Island, not far from the shores of Singapore, BMW set me out on their boat , partnered with Justin Bratton to test out the BMW’s X cars.

An unexpected  morning , dusted with suspense through this entertaining driving experience, it stretched the boundaries of the every day driver and put the consumers on the rough edge of the cars capabilities.

Check out the video below, to what we got up to:

The event effectively transformed the island into a dedicated test-drive circuit for participants to experience the superiority of the BMW X models in a safe, yet exciting off-road environment.

Designed with simulated obstacles, participants got to drive on off-road terrain that they would not usually get to experience during normal driving in Singapore. The undulating terrain and obstacle courses serve to demonstrate the intelligent BMW xDrive technology that powers the full range of BMW X Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) models, including the high-performance BMW X6 M, as well as the tri-turbo diesel-powered BMW X6 M50d.