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Scrum, Blindside, Try, Drop goal, Haka.

Huge clues to what you are about to watch. Fans of Rugby would have guessed from the first word.

Can’t say I don’t love an advert with a real manly high pitched scream. What on earth does that have to do with Rugby though?

My thoughts exactly till I watched these ‘shrieking’ series of videos which is made by RUGBY PASS ASIA, which allows you to conveniently watch via an app , the worlds greatest Rugby leagues with the Tag line: WATCH WHEREVER YOU WANT ON TV, PC, IOS AND ANDROID TABLETS & PHONES.

In the first video, I first wondered when the Rugby theme would kick in when the scene is set with a guy in a suit who must be leaving work, walks through a carpark. It seemed like a typical thriller movie setting and actually the comedy Bowfinger came to mind, though this all seems far more serious. In the next scene the office slave gets into his car only to be completely consumed with fear. Of course, this piqued my interest and I had to click on the page to understand.

In real life, the convenience of an app on an electronic device to watch sports is a necessity to some and to be honest, now that the EPL is about to end , I am desperately jealous of Rugby fans while I travel around Asia these next few months. Rugby on the go.

When you watch the funny videos, the man shrieks  all become clear. Sports always brings out the best in them. LOL

This post has been sponsored by Rugby Pass Asia